La Textilera

La Textilera Location: Barcelona     Year: 2023 Throughout history, textiles have transcended as powerful symbols of status, wealth, and culture, while serving as a tangible expression of a society’s identity. This project dedicated to the hospitality sector embraces the richness and versatility of textile design, integrating diverse textures, compositions, and techniques. The careful selection of […]


Flora Ceramic lantern     Year: 2023 This lamp evokes the concept of «blossoming,» symbolizing a positive state of growth, development, and success, whether in the context of nature, personal growth, life achievement, or the highest expression of activity and beauty. It is crafted in ceramics, paying tribute to the natural substrate that allows light to […]


Lactarius Rice paper lantern    Year: 2023 Bioluminescent fungi are relatively rare, and their bioluminescence is usually associated with spore release. They emit light in darkness to attract insects or other animals that disperse their spores. However, Lactarius mushrooms are not known to possess this bioluminescent capability. With this product, we ascribe to a Lactarius the […]


Ears Collection of mirrors     Year: 2023 The morphology of human ears exhibits a wide diversity in terms of their shape and size, making them unique features for each individual. Furthermore, the inner ear plays a fundamental role in maintaining balance. Inspired by this uniqueness and the significance of balance, we have designed a collection […]


Pair Coffee table and poufs     Year: 2023 The combination of two elements that complement each other and work in harmony is considered ideal or perfect in certain contexts, especially in confined spaces. By staying out of sight, these elements provide a balanced and harmonious environment. Back

Casa Barcelona

Casa Barcelona Location: Barcelona     Year: 2023 Barcelona is known for being the epicenter of modernism. In this artistic and architectural movement, modernists often used symbolism and metaphors to convey deeper and more abstract meanings in their works. These symbols were often ambiguous and open to the interpretation of the viewer. In this project, elements […]